Our beautiful Dory was rescued from Dorado on July 13th, 2016.
Dory had an extremely bad case of demodex mange that she underwent many treatments for & still will never recover all of the hair lost. She also underwent surgery on her right eye for Entropion as well as treatment for stage 2 heartworm; what a champ!! She was in our care for more than 5 months before we sent her off to live with her new AMAZING furever family in Virginia.
Dor Dor will always have a piece of our hearts as we had lots of time to bond & love her before she was able to leave us. A true warrior soul, spunky spirit & nurturer she is & we couldn’t be more grateful to have found her & been able to help her recover & now thrive in her new home with her many furry siblings (& human) siblings.